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56.17 per cent of water stock in State dams


Of the total 2994 major, medium and minor projects across the state, 56.17 per cent of collective live (useful) storage of water is now remaining. Only 32.53 per cent of water reserves remaining in the Marathwada division.
The water resources department has reported that 22738 mcft of water stock is now left in the six revenue divisions of the state namely Nashik, Sambhajinagar, Pune, Nagpur, Amravati and Konkan.
Nashik division: 64.39 per cent
The water resources department said that now 64.39 per cent of the water stock is left in the Nashik division, while last year the same water reserves were 94.61 per cent.
39.84 pc in Jayakwadi
Jayakwadi Dam, known as the largest dam in Marathwada, now has only 39.84 per cent water storage left. This stock was 83.34 per cent in the same period last year. At present, 864.87 million cubic meters of water stock is left in Jayakwadi. Meanwhile, the farmers are demanding a second rotation to be released from Jayakwadi for rabi season.
Pune: 57.75 per cent
57.75 per cent of water storage is now left in 720 dams in the Pune division. At present, 189.07 mcft pf water storage is left in Radhanagari dam. There is 58.85 per cent water remaining in Pavana Dam. Khadakwasla Dam has 58.16 per cent water.
Konkan: 68.10 percent
There are a total of 11 dams in the Konkan division. Now 68.10 percent of water storage is left. Last year this water storage was 79.20 percent.

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Water stock in district dams declines
As far as water stock in the Nashik district dams is concerned, compared to last year, the water storage in the dams has decreased by 27 per cent this year, and only 55 per cent of the useful water storage is available in the dams.
Concern has grown as the citizens will have to rely on the existing water stock for the next seven months. Experts think that citizens will have to use water sparingly as the water cut situation may not be ruled out in the next three to four months.
Gangapur Dam had 83 per cent useful water storage last year. This year 67 percent water is available. There is 30 per cent less water in Karanjvan Dam compared to last year. 39 in Ozarkhed, 34 in Waghad, 44 percent in Tisgaon and 45 percent less in Manikpunj compared to last year.
Nashik district has a total of 24 dams of medium and large size. In the previous monsoon, the intensity of rain remained unsatisfactory from the beginning. Therefore, most of the dams have not been able to fill to their capacity.
The water storage capacity of the dams is 65664 mcft. Last year in January, 53843 mcft of water storage was available. Compared to that, 36322 mcft of usable water is available this year. 29342 mcft of water is less than last year.
Evaporation from the existing water due to hot weather coupled with its consumption is causing rapid depletion in water reserves. The district administration faces the challenge of using the available water storage at least till the end of July 2024.

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