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66 birds killed due to nylon manja

NASHIK: Children and young people use nylon and Chinese Manja to fly kites. The craze to use nylon Manja has increased recently. Its use is harmful to animals and birds. A total of 66 birds lost their lives in 2019 after they got stuck in nylon Manja.

Four owls, 31 crows, 17 pigeons, 7 litters, 3 mynas, 2 ciconiformes and 2 bats died. A total of 317 different species of birds have been affected by nylon manja in the last two years from 2018 to 2019. Though there is ban on sale and manufacture of nylon manja, it is being sold in secret.

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While playing a kite, it is important to be careful that birds do not die due to human mistake. The fire department rescued the birds stuck in the nylon manja in various parts of the city. Atotal of 165 birds were resuced in the period betwee January to December, 2018 and 152 injured birds were released after treatment in the period from January to December, 2019.

Take this precaution
* Do not use a Chinese or nylon manja, which may involve police action.
* Use a thread that can be broken by hand.
* When the kite is cut, destroy the remaining manja.
* If someone using a nylon manja ask concerned to stop using it.

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