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After a brief chill spell… Temperature in city soars


Night temperatures have again started getting into the double-digit category in the city, after two days of single-digit chill. Nashik city recorded 12.5 degrees Celsius as its minimum on Sunday morning, while the day temperature was recorded at 31.4 degrees Celsius. Barely three days ago, on Thursday and Friday, Nashik was the coldest spot under India Meteorological Department (IMD) in the state when its minimum temperature dropped to 8.6 and 9.8 degrees Celsius respectively for two consecutive days. On Thursday, a minimum temperature of 8.6 degrees and on Friday 9.8 degrees were recorded in the city which was lowest in the State for consecutive two days. After that the night temperatures soar to double digits with 11.8 degrees on Saturday and 12.5 on Sunday. The maximum temperatures are also showing gradual rise for the last four days in the city.
For the last four days, the night and day temperatures are on the rise in the city after a brief spell of cold. Meanwhile, Gondia was coldest in the State at 10.2 degrees.
“Single-digit temperatures in Nashik and Pune during Feb 1-2 could not be ruled out,” according to weather experts. “Pune’s minimum temperature could drop to 9 degrees Celsius, while Nashik’s could drop to 8 degrees Celsius during that time,” they said.
Weather experts, however, said another drop in night temperatures was imminent, around Feb 1 and 2, when parts of Maharashtra, especially those in the northern parts, could once again witness a brief spell of single-digit temperatures.
“The fall in the minimum temperature may begin after Jan 29 and is likely to continue for two-three days. The reason is that the period will be marked by the passage of a western disturbance accompanied with clear skies,” said IMD.
From Jan 29, we would see clear skies and northerly wind penetration into parts of the state. After a fall for two-three days till Feb 3, there may be a rise in the minimums again as the wind pattern may change. The northerly winds may not be able to penetrate parts of Maharashtra then, it stated.
However independent weather forecasting agency stated, “Single-digit temperatures were delayed this winter by over two months for parts of Maharashtra. It was only in Jan that mercury dropped below 10°C. Most of the winter is over for the state. Maharashtra typically tends to see really low night temperatures till Feb 15. After Feb 15, the transition to spring season starts. However, if we get strong western disturbances in Feb, there could be instances of the minimums dropping in Maharashtra even after mid-Feb.”
A drop in the minimum temperature was expected after Jan 31, but it would be for a brief period when places in north Maharashtra, such as Nashik, Dhule and Jalgaon, could see single-digit temperatures. Places further south could see 10-11 degrees Celsius. Another western disturbance may affect north India around Feb 7. However, that will need to be a stronger system for the night temperatures to drop considerably in parts of Maharashtra once it passes,” it stated.

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City temperature
Sunday       12.5  31.4
Saturday      11.8  30.8
Friday          9.8   31.6
Thursday      8.6   27.7

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