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Air services resume


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The air service, which was closed for runway maintenance, resumed at full capacity from Nashik Airport on Sunday and on the first day, 122 commutes availed the Hyderabad-Nashik air service and 283 commuters availed the air service in the district.

After a thirteen-day break from November 20 to December 3, the flight services have resumed efficiently once again and the services on both the Nashik-Hyderabad and Nashik-Delhi flights have been well received by the passengers.

The flight services were suspended by the administration here for 13 days to repair the runway.

On Sunday’s first flight, there were 57 passengers from Hyderabad to Nashik and 65 passengers availed of the flight service from Nashik to Hyderabad. There were 157 passengers on the flight service from Delhi to Nashi while 126 passengers travelled from Nashik to Delhi.

Nashik Airport was closed for 13 days causing problems and accordingly SpiceJet flight services were also suspended during the period. There was a lot of outcry after Star Air’s flight service to Nashik was suspended during Diwali. After that, former Guardian Minister Chhagan Bhujbal wrote a letter to Union Civil Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya Shinde. MP Hemant Godse had asked the Chief Minister to look into this issue by holding a meeting regarding the air service.

Nashikites had to go to Mumbai and Shirdi for air services. The resumption of Delhi and Hyderabad flights will save passengers time to rush to Shirdi to catch flight.

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