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Boy risks life, saves friends from leopard attack


Incidents of leopard attacks are increasing day by day in Nashik district. In Dharnoli of Igatpuri Taluka, a leopard attacked students. During this attack, a class 10 student saved the lives of his three friends.
According to reports, a leopard attacked students at Dharnoli in Igatpuri taluka. Yogesh, Praveen, Nilesh and Suresh were suddenly attacked by a leopard while they were on their way from home to school. At this time, student Yogesh Ramachandra Pathve fought fiercely with the leopard, pushing his friends aside without caring for his life. He succeeded in this endeavour. But he was injured in this. After repeated resistance and shouts from friends, the leopard charged towards the forest.
Injured Yogesh has been admitted to Sahyadri Hospital by his friends for further treatment. Due to the incident, panic gripped the entire area as the students regularly travelled from the route to school.Social activist Sitaram Gawanda has demanded that a cage should be installed in the area and the injured student should get financial help from the government. The forest officials have appreciated Yogesh’s timely action.

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Leopard trapped in Kotamgaon
Meanwhile, a leopard that attacked a farmer sitting at the door of his house in the Kotamgaon area of Nashik Road has been trapped in a cage of the forest department. As the leopard was sighted in Kotamgaon, the farmers informed the forest department. After inspection, the forest department installed a cage in the sugarcane field.
On January 26, Bhagwant Rama Ghuge was sitting on the porch of his house, some distance from the house, when a leopard attacked him from behind. Taking advantage of the situation, Ghuge pushed the leopard away with the strength of both hands and screamed. In this attack, Ghuge’s head was hit by the claws of a leopard and he was admitted to the district hospital for treatment. On Sunday, the leopard got stuck in a cage set up by the forest department.

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