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Committee for advertising on Citilinc buses

NASHIK: As the financial position of Nashik Municipal Corporation is fragile, work is being done at the administrative level to find new sources of income. The municipal corporation is currently under an administrative rule, and Municipal Commissioner and Administrator Ramesh Pawar has also adopted a policy of austerity. Against this background, it has been decided to make an advertisement for displaying on the Citilinc buses of the Municipal Corporation.

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A special committee has been constituted under the chairmanship of Chief Accounts and Finance Officer Narendra Mahajan. It is rumoured that the Municipal Commissioner has so far saved around Rs 200 crores by taking various decisions, especially cancelling the unnecessary works.

Now the advertisement board will also appear on the buses as well as on the electricity poles of NMC which are running bus service in the city through Citilinc company in Nashik. This will increase the corporation’s revenue, and also the loss from the bus service is likely to be covered from it.

Municipal Commissioner Ramesh Pawar has formed an independent committee for this. The four-member committee is chaired by the finance officer and is accompanied by three other officials.

This committee will collect all kinds of information as well as how and in what form the advertisements will be placed on that report.

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