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Common man’s burger price skyrocket

NASHIK: Vadapav the ultimate food for many indians, which is a burger for the poor and common people, has gone expensive. In Nashik city, the price of Vadapav has reached up to Rs 20. At the same time, bhaji plates are also expensive by five rupees.

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Rising prices of oil, gram and gas have pushed up prices, vendors said. Some vendors have lamented that vadapav’s customers are less due to rising prices.

The rate of besan or gram flour required for making wada has exceeded to Rs 120. As a result, the prices of food items available at hotels and food carts have also gone up. Vadapav, which sells for Rs 10 has gone upto to Rs 18 to Rs 20. Oil prices have risen by about 20 to 30 per cent.

As the price of gram has gone up by 10 to 15 per cent, so has the price of food items. The livelihood of many poor citizens is also at stake. But, as Vadapav has become more expensive, inflation is hitting everyone right now.

A one-time meal for us

I have to go out every day for work. As the bus service in rural areas is not the same as before, now with increasing price, we have to spend our days eating vadapav. Worker Sachin Waghmare said that it is one-time meal for workers.

Oil, gram flour expensive

Commodity – Pre-Rate – Current Rate

  • Oil – 1600 – 2700

  • Besan – 100 – 120

  • Potatoes – 20 – 25

  • Gas – 585 – 1000

Unaffordable price

“After Corona, all the items required for Vadapav have become expensive. So we can’t afford to pay a discount on the first price and now we have to increase the price due to shortage of customers.” – Manish Dhoble, Vadapav seller

“Crisis of corona, low consumer, rising food prices have led to increase in prices of vadapav, bhaji and misal too. Throughout the day, the business is not the same as before.” – Ajay More, Vadapav seller

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