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Cutting a tree will not be easy, NMC to come up with strict regulation


The corporation has decided to come up with strict rules to counter tree cutting in the city. A person who used to apply for cutting a tree had to plant five trees, recently. The NMC had decided to go a step ahead and make it mandatory for the person to take care of the saplings planted for the next three years and will have to give a deposit of Rs 2,500 for each tree for cutting. After this regulation cutting a tree will be costlier for the person in Nashik city.

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In the upcoming meeting of the tree authority committee of the corporation, the decision about the regulation will be finalized. The deposit submitted by the person will be given to him after three years of conservation of saplings. If the person is not willing to plant samplings he will have to pay Rs 2,500 per tree.

The corporation will use this money in the tree plantation drive. If the person has no land to plant a tree the corporation will provide land to him, and an informed official from NMC. The Garden Department of the corporation has made this proposal which will be put forward in the tree authority committee meeting.

The similar rules will be applicable to the constructions as well. If a tree is an obstacle in construction the contractor will have to submit a deposit of Rs 5,000 to cut a tree. Other regulations will be similar for contractors as well
The corporation itself will come under these regulations. Similar rules will have to be followed by the corporation while taking development work in hand.

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