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Deolali Camp residents’ health at risk: Nikam

DEOLALI CAMP: The health of residents is being severely affected due to the accumulated rainwater, dust on roads, and garbage piles on the Anand Road. The accumulated water gives rise to a variety of water-borne and mosquito-borne diseases. Many people have fallen ill in the last week due to dust and stagnant water.

The continuous weather change is making the situation worse. Cantonment Board needs to immediately look into the matter and resolve the issue soon, stated city president, RPI Suresh Nikam and founder president of Katare Foundation Santosh Katare. The whole country symbolises Deolali town as ‘Clean and Green’.

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However, from the past few days, the potholes and excessive dust on Lam Road, Anand Road, Rest Camp Road, Wadner Road, and Dhondi Road are affecting the health of residents. The Cantonment Board needs to take immediate action to considering a risk to the residents’ health.

Earlier, the health department sprayed insecticides on puddles of water. However, it has turned a blind eye to these problems at present. The road from Sansari Naka to Deolali Camp police station, mainly the Anand road, has become risky as railings on nalla are in bad state. This can lead to a major accident. The Board needs to pull up its socks and work towards the betterment of the residents.

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