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Dr. Naralikar to be present online

NASHIK: President of the 94th All India Marathi Sahitya Sammelan, Dr. Jayant Naralikar will be present online today. The literary convention has started today in Kusumagraj Nagari at the city gate.

It was first confirmed that Dr. Narlikar will be present at the venue and will reach by helicopter or plane. However. But, as the Indian Meteorological Department gave a forecast of rain and cloudy weather till tomorrow, it is expected that the plan will be cancelled. Due to such weather conditions, it will be difficult to fly aircraft.

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There is talk in the convention city that Narlikar will be present online due to health issues and weather conditions. Even though he will be not present at the venue, his congratulatory letter will be read out by his better half Dr. Mangala Narlikar. At this time, Dr. Narlikar himself will be present online.

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