Fire department to be strengthened

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Nashik: In view of the growing expansion of the city and the provision in the Integrated Development Control Regulations to approve the construction of skyscrapers, the Nashik Municipal Corporation has decided to strengthen the fire department with well equipped, state of the art system. As part of this, it has been decided to procure six multipurpose vehicles (water multipurpose tenders) for immediate response in case of accidents in high-rise buildings.

A proposal to spend Rs 7.5 crore in this regard has been approved in the Standing Committee meeting. An online meeting of the Standing Committee was held under the chairmanship of Ganesh Gite. The city is expanding day by day. With the approval of the Integrated Development Control Regulations, the way has been cleared for the erection of buildings of more than 70 meters height in the city.

The population of Nashik city is around 20 lakh. While at present, NMC has 27 fire fighting vehicles. It includes eight water tenders, six water browsers, three quick response vehicles, one breathing operator van, two emergency rescue vans, five water mist, one foam tender and a 32-meter   hydraulic ladder. Compared to this population, the municipal fire fighting system is not adequate.

Five of these fire engines are more than fourteen years old. The Standing Committee has approved a proposal to procure six new multi-purpose vehicles, one for each of the six divisions. The newly purchased vehicles will have water, foam, carbon dioxide tanks, dry chemical powder. In case of fire, burning of generators, fire to a chemical company or fire to a vehicle carrying chemicals, one type of vehicle will be available to extinguish the fire.

90-meter hydraulic ladder

Implementation of Integrated Development Control Rules approved by the government has been started in Nashik Municipal Corporation limit. As per the provisions of this regulation, the way has been cleared for construction of buildings of more than 70 meters height in the city. However, in case of any accident in such buildings, the fire department of the municipal corporation does not have a mechanism to control it. Therefore, for such buildings, a proposal is being prepared by the municipal corporation to purchase a hydraulic ladder up to a height of 90 meters.

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