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Foods prepared in Ganesh Utsav

Devendra Lilke


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People are hustling for preparations as Lord Ganesh is about to arrive in our homes soon. The festival is celebrated with much grandeur in Maharashtra. Different types of offerings are made for our beloved bappa in our Maharashtra culture. Devotees prepare several sweet delicacies to seek Bappa’s blessings. Maharashtrian devotees love to prepare the sweet delicacies such as modaks, as prasad or bhog. These include Modaks, Ladoos, Puran Poli, Kheer, Halwa, etc. 

● Modak : 

Modaks are a quintessential food item of Ganesh Chaturthi. Modaks are Lord Ganesha’s favorite foods. Ganesh has immense love for Modaks. In every household, modaks are prepared to offer Lord Ganesha as a ‘bhog’ on the first day of the festival as well as for the rest of days. They are made with rice flour, maida or wheat flour with the sweet fillings of coconut, dry fruits, or jaggery.

The ‘Ukdiche modak’ are the steamed versions of Modak which are very popular during the festive season.

● Puran poli:

Puran Poli is a traditional sweet made in Maharashtra. The Maharashtrians enjoy making it for almost every auspicious occasion. It is a cultural symbol in Maharashtra. It is made by filling a lentil mixture prepared using roasted chana dal and jaggery. 

● Ladoos :

The Ganesh festival is incomplete without the ladoos. Ladoos are a common sweet item that is traditionally used as a delightful offering. The Motichoor ladoo, Besan ladoo, Rava Ladoo and Coconut ladoo are few types of ladoos which are usually prepared in Ganesh Festival. 

● Kheer:

Different types of Kheer are also made during this Ganesh Festival. Kheer is prepared in various styles, by including different fruits and dry fruits. It is usually made by boiling milk, sugar or jaggery, and rice. Kheer is prepared for special occasions in Maharashtrian culture.

According to a Local Seller, Prasant Wani, “There is huge demand of people for the ingredients required for preparations of sweet delicacies like every year such as ladoos, modaks, farsan, anarse, karanji, bhajani chakli. People have started to throng in the markets to purchase products as they are preparing for the upcoming arrival of Ganpati Bappa. Along with it people are also in preparation of Gauri Pujan.”

According to a homemaker, Rajashri Tamboli, “Various types of sweets, food items and dishes are prepared in every household. Modaks and Ladoos are commonly used and these are prepared with different styles and recipes.”

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