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For an electrically safe Ganesh festival…


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Public Ganesh Utsav and Navratri Utsav Mandals should get official electricity connections on a temporary basis at concessional rates. Also, the Mahavitaran has appealed to the festival boards to take serious note and plan measures to avoid possible accidents due to lapses in festival scenery, pavilions, lighting and electricity safety.

In the upcoming Ganesh festival, the Mahavitaran (MSEDCL) in Nashik Circle is ready to connect new temporary electricity to public boards without delay and to provide prompt electricity service. Nashik Circle Chief Engineer Deepak Kumthekar has directed all the circles to immediately take action to return the security deposit (reserve) amount to Ganesh Mandals.

Providing temporary electricity connections to Ganesh Mandals should be done speedily. If there are any other difficulties along with filling out the online application, the boards should be guided with the same.

From where the new electricity connection is to be provided, all the switches and the electricity system on the route of the processions should be inspected and maintenance should be done as necessary. Also, the process of returning the security deposit amount of Ganesh Mandals to them should be completed within one to two months after Ganeshotsav. Chief Engineer Kumthekar has directed that negligence will not be tolerated.

Domestic electricity tariff will be charged for temporary electricity connection of public Ganeshotsav mandals. As rain is likely, Ganesh Mandals should take proper care of the electrical system to avoid possible hazards. Electrical arrangement and set-up for the pavilion and lighting must be done by authorized electrical contractors only.

Make sure that the earthing of the power system in the mandap is in good condition. If the insulation of the wires inside the circle is damaged, current may flow through such wires into the iron sheets of the pavilion or wet objects. To avoid this type of connection, the cables should be stripped or if links are to be made, they should be covered with insulation tape of suitable capacity. Make sure to put plywood or wooden boards behind the switchboard.

It is essential to have separate neutral for power supply and generator during Ganeshotsav. If the generator is started when the power supply is off for some reason, the single neutral causes the current in the generator to flow into the low-voltage line. It creates a possibility of an electrical accident.

Due to continuous rain and strong wind, daily checks should be made to ensure that the lighting wires installed in public places along with the electricity system in the mandap are not bent down or disturbed. In view of the safety of thousands of devotees, the public Ganesh Mandals should take serious note and not compromise on the power safety measures.

Electricity should be officially connected during Ganeshotsav. In some places, due to the electricity connection taken by other means, there is a possibility of a large-scale accident. All Ganeshotsav Mandal office bearers should keep the mobile phone numbers of the engineers and staff of the concerned Mahavitaran area registered to avoid possible dangers due to short circuits in the pavilion, failure in electrical wiring etc. during Ganeshotsav.

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