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Govt gears up for summer water crisis

NASHIK: With the onset of April, the drought situation in parts of the district is becoming unbearable, and water scarcity is being felt particularly in the rural belt. In this regard, the district administration has planned water tankers to ensure a smooth water supply in which six tankers have been readied at the beginning.

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Meanwhile, the first tanker service in the district for the summer season started in Yeola taluka. There are three tankers in this place. In Baglan and Sinnar talukas, water is supplied by two tankers each. There are signs that the number of tankers will increase shortly. According to the report of the scarcity branch, 579 villages and 922 hamlets may need tankers.

Due to the satisfactory rainfall for the last two years, the dams in the district now have more than 50 per cent water reserves. Therefore, water scarcity was not felt till the end of March. But with the onset of April, many villages, hamlets and remote areas in the district are facing water scarcity. Therefore, the district administration is receiving proposals for tankers.

“The worsening scarcity situation is being felt in Yeola, Baglan and Sinnar talukas which are drought-prone. Three tankers in Yeola and two each in Baglan and Sinnar talukas will be approved as soon as the proposals are received,” the drought branch said.

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