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Green Corridor saves lives of two patients

NASHIK: After an important decision of organ donation of a brain dead person in Nashik was taken collectively by the doctor, relatives and the police system along with the medical team, the liver and eyes, which are considered to be the most important organs, were moved from one hospital in Nashik to another.

Due to the Green Corridor created by the police, the organs reached to destination in 15 minutes and two people were get a new life. Citizens of all walks of life are being made aware of the fact that donating organs of a brain dead person can save someone’s life with the help of those organs. Citizens themselves are seen taking the initiative for organ donation. Kishor Shingada (43) was admitted to a private hospital in Nashik.

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Due to a sudden brain hemorrhage, Dr. Atul Ahirrao performed surgery on him. During the treatment, he was declared brain dead. Life ends when the brain dies. In the meantime, the doctors operating the patient informed the family about the organ donation movement. The decision to donate organs was taken at the consent and initiative of Late Shingada’s wife and children and in coordination with the hospital administration. Organs were donated to waiting patients in other two private hospitals.

Green Corridor’s set up

The liver was taken to Ashoka Medicare Hospital through the Green Corridor late Wednesday evening. At 7:33 pm, the ambulance left Six Sigma, and in just 15 minutes, at 7:48 pm, the team reached Ashoka Medicare Hospital. The transplant surgery specialist from Apollo Hospital in Mumbai reached at Nashik for organ transplantation. They performed the surgery. City Police Commissioner Deepak Pandey, Gangapur police station senior PI Riaz Sheikh, Assistant Commissioner of Police Sitaram Gaikwad and other police personnel assisted in this mission.

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