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Ground level tunnel to resolve local train issue?

NASHIK: The Nashik-Kalyan Memu Local service needs to give a new direction to enhance Nashik-Mumbai connectivity. The Member of Parliament Hemant Godse has suggested a new option on the basis and trust of modern technology, to the Ministry of Railways. He has expressed that the ground level tunnel from Kasara to Igatpuri will resolve the issue of Ghat section.

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The Nashik-Kalyan Main Electrical Multipurpose Unit (MEMU) local service was approved earlier. The necessary structural changes were made in the MEMU and modifications were made. About Rs. 32 crores was spent make these changes and Rs. 9 lakh was also sanctioned for the test of this locomotive. The testing of this was pushed back on the backdrop of Lok Sabha elections. However, for the tourists between Nashik-Mumbai, Hemant Godse has started a new effort.

The MEMU testing was done in between Kasara-Igatpuri for primary Kalyan- Mumbai Local train service. Unfortunately, the testing failed. After testing it was understood that the MEMU is not capable in these condition due to steep slope. It was revealed after testing that the breaking system of the MEMU is not suitable in Ghat section. So, new options are being searched for this service.

The MP Godse suggested that, now, t is not difficult to construct a tunnel at ground from ground level straight, due to advanced technology. Therefore, if a tunnel is constructed at ground level from Kasara to Igatpuri, this issue will be resolved for other mail and express trains as well. A decision is likely to be taken soon as the Railway Ministry is also considering this. If that happens then it will be easy to run local trains to Nashik, said MP Godse.

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