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Hyena dies in roadkill

NASHIK: On the Nashik-Peth Highway, a hyena was killed by a speedy vehicle on Thursday. While crossing the National Highway between Borwath Phata and Kotambi, the hyena was hit badly by an unidentified vehicle.

Deforestation, habitat loss and water scarcity is pushing limits of wildlife. They are forced to enter into human settlements in search of food and water. In this struggle, they cross roads and highways and sometimes, it becomes deadly for them.

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This 2-year-old male hyena met the similar fate on Thursday while crossing the highway in Peth. It was killed on the spot. The vehicle hit vitals spots of hyena.

After the forest department got the information of this incident, the team rushed to the spot with veterinary medical officials. After inspecting the incident, the veterinary officer performed autopsy on the hyena. The hyena was cremated by forest officials.

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