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LPG price hike Rs. 266 within a year

NASHIK: The common man has become helpless due to increasing inflation. The prices of LPG gas household cylinder has increased again by Rs 25 on very first day of the month. The prices have increased bye Rs 51 in just 30 days. Within a year period the prices have hiked by Rs 266. This is damaging to the household budget of common man, but no state or central government is giving relief.

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In Nashik, the price of a 14.2 kg LPG cylinder (non-subsidised) cylinder is Rs.863.00. While LPG prices have remained the same in the city for the months of April, May, and June, it increased by Rs.25.50 in July and Rs.25 in the month of August. The crude rates in the international markets determine the gas prices in India.

The Government of India revises the LPG prices every month. On Thursday the cylinder prices were Rs.863.00 for a 14.2 kg cylinder. The current rate if the LPG are the highest in FY 2021-Rs.863.00 per cylinder in August 2021. The lowest rates in FY 2021 were Rs.812.50 per cylinder in April 2021, May 2021, and June 2021, but in last two months the prices have raised by Rs 51.

LPG cylinder price hike

Month – Price

August 2021- Rs.863.00

July 2021- Rs.838.00

June 2021- Rs.812.50

May 2021- Rs.812.50

April 2021- Rs.812.50

March 2021- Rs.822.50

February 2021- Rs.772.50

January 2021- Rs.697.50

December 2020 – Rs.697.50

November 2020 – Rs.597.50

October 2020 – Rs.597.50

September 2020 – Rs.597.50

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