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MVP lab to enhance its capacity to 500 reports a day


On the backdrop of a slowing down in getting swab reports due to administrative and technical reasons and subsequent testings at Dhule and Pune, the MVP’s COVID-19 swab testing lab in the city has decided to enhance its capacity of swab testing so as to achieve quick diagnosis of the highly infectious disease and adopt preventive measures to curb the spread of infection in community.

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“We will procure an automatic US-made machine worth around Rs. 1.25 crore at our own cost, expecting it within four to five weeks. This will make it possible for us to enhance lab’s capacity to 500 swab reports per day,” informed Neelima Pawar, general secretary, NDMVP Samaj adding that the MVP has already completed the tender process to obtain the automatic machine.

Despite having a dedicated testing lab, swabs in Nashik are currently being sent to labs in Pune and Dhule. So there has been a delay in getting the report. MVP has taken initiative to address this and efforts are underway to increase the capacity of the institute’s test lab, Pawar said further adding that the machine upon its activation will reduce dependency on the testing labs at Dhule and Pune and the issue of Nashik and Malegaon swab reports can be solved.

Generating 225 reports daily

Initially, on an average 150 reports were being generated. But now with the increase in the number of patients, we have enhanced lab capacity to produce 225 reports per day. For this, 60 MVP employees are working in three shifts. If the administration supplies material for a month in bulk, we could continue our work without any hindrance. In the meantime, the worswabk had to be stopped for two days due to lack of material.

72 police, CRPF personnel being treated

At present 72 Covid-19 positive police and CRPF personnel from Malegaon are undergoing treatment at Covid-19 hospital in Dr. Vasantrao Pawar Medical College. We have increased capacity to accommodate up to 300 policemen in future. Presently the meals of these policemen are arranged by MVP itself said Pawar.

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