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NMC to hire tankers to water trees Provision of Rs 15 lakh


Nashik Municipal Corporation (NMC) has decided to hire tankers to water the trees it has planted in various places and road dividers.
The General Body Meeting has approved a proposal of around Rs. 15 lakh to hire tankers on a rental basis for watering the trees.
The municipal parks department has planted trees at various places in the city. The road dividers in the city have also been beautified by the department with a plantation of trees there.
Since the maintenance period of tree planting and road dividers is over, maintenance is being done by the department. It is impossible to take care of the trees planted at various places and the trees planted in road dividers after the onset of summer due to lack of water.
At present, the parks department has four water tankers and they are not enough to water the trees in the entire city. Since it is not possible to available water from the Municipal Corporation to water the trees and the plants in the road dividers, the contractor must make the water arrangements himself. The rates have been segregated in this regard through the department. A total of 1440 trips are required for six divisions and an estimate has been prepared according to the said rate.
The feedback of the accounts and audit department has been taken after submitting the said proposal. In the budget of the year 2023-24, a provision of Rs. 15 lakh has been made under the tree fund for this work.
Nashik district has received only 63 per cent of the average rainfall this year. Due to this, most of the water reserves in the dams in the district have been reserved for drinking purposes and the irrigation water has been cut off. During this season, water was being supplied to villages in many talukas through tankers even during monsoon.
The district has started to feel the water scarcity and in the first week of February itself, water supply is being started in 436 villages and villages through 133 tankers.
So far 49 wells have been acquired from taluka level and 290 trips of tankers are being made. It is estimated that the number of tankers will increase to 500 by June and the number of trips is also expected to be around a thousand.

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