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NMC to set up its traffic cell to address traffic jams


As Nashik city is developing rapidly, the number of vehicles is increasing day by day. With this, the issue of traffic congestion and vehicle parking has taken a serious form. To overcome this, the Nashik Municipal Corporation will set up its own traffic cell like the police system and new posts of executive engineer and two deputy engineers have been included for this cell in the new rota.
Mumbai and Pune Municipal Corporations have traffic cells. If the cell is operationalised in Nashik Municipal Corporation too, the issue of traffic jams and vehicle parking in the city will be solved.
Followed by Mumbai and Pune, Nashik city is growing rapidly. The population of the city has reached 25 lakhs and with the development, the number of four-wheelers and two-wheelers is increasing day by day. Due to this, traffic congestion has become a regular occurrence in the city. Traffic congestion is also seen in the suburbs as well as in the main city.
At the same time, since there is no space for vehicle parking, the streets of the city have become parking lots. Be it main markets or colony roads, they are being used for vehicle parking. Given the increasing urbanization, the urban development department of the government had ordered that the Municipal Corporations should set up their own traffic cell like a police system.
Based on this, Mumbai and Pune Municipal Corporations have set up a separate traffic cell. Through them, work is done on various issues including regulating traffic in the city, providing space for parking, measures to prevent accidents, road traffic safety measures and making roads free of encroachments. Given the rapid expansion of Nashik city and the traffic problem, the Municipal Corporation has decided to create a traffic cell department. It will soon send the rota to the government for final approval.
It includes the post of executive engineer and two deputy engineers for the traffic cell. If this cell is operationalised, it will be easy to address the traffic jams in the city, solve the parking problem and implement measures to discipline the traffic. For this, the dependence on the police system will be reduced.

Municipal Corporations have their own traffic cell functioning in the cities of Mumbai and Pune. Municipal Corporation is going to set up this cell for Nashik city also. The manpower required for that has been included in the rota.

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– Pradeep Choudhary, Addl Commissioner, Municipal Corporation

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