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Over 93,400 new Covid recoveries recorded in past 24 hours


India recorded 93,420 new recoveries in the past 24 hours, continuing the trend of posting high level of recoveries and taking the total number of recoveries to 48,49,584.

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With the increase in daily recoveries, the Recovery Rate is currently positioned at 82.14 per cent Saturday.

The country has maintained its top global ranking in total recoveries with such high successive single-day record numbers.

As India records more recoveries than the new cases, the gap between recovered cases and the active cases is widening as the recoveries outnumber active cases by five times.

The recovered cases exceed the 9,60,969 active cases by nearly 39 lakh (38,88,615). This has also ensured that the active caseload accounts for merely 16.28 per cent of the total positive cases. This has sustained on its steady declining path.

Twenty four states/UTs are following the national lead by reporting a higher number of new recoveries than new cases.

Ten states/UTs account for nearly 73 per cent of the new recovered cases. Maharashtra has maintained this lead with 19,592 new recoveries.

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