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Ramkund Chowk’s area dilapidated

Nashik’s pride Godaghat, the centre of attraction for saints and devotees from all over the world, and the famous Ramkund, is surrounded by a dilapidated area following the smart city work. Under the name of beautification, the area’s condition has deteriorated. The smart road work was slow-paced at Sardar Chowk, near the Ramkund area of the Godavari River. The work got momentum due to Ram Rath. However, as the workers dug up the roads on both sides of Ramkund Chowk, the area was shut for commuters.

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Therefore, the chowk is witnessing traffic congestion regularly. The road connecting the library and the road leading to the signal remains crowded due to the parked vehicles on both sides and customers visiting the shops located on the road.

Due to their poor working style, it has become crystal clear that smart city management officials haven’t done their research on the planning and execution of projects. It seems like officials aren’t coordinating with the contractor, Nashik Municipal Corporation, and the police force.

The officials have dug up roads on both sides of the chowk and even closed the road leading to Kapaleshwar. Devotees and family members who visit the ghat for rituals and last rites respectively face several issues while commuting and parking.

The crowd of auto-rickshaw drivers and motorists continuously trouble the drivers, and they feel helpless while stuck in traffic. As many people lost their lives in Covid-19’s second wave last year, the rush of family members is increasing this year on Godaghat as they need to perform Shradha and other rituals of the deceased. Many outstation devotees are facing difficulty to reach the ghat’s hall for Pind Daan Puja, and they are questioning the functioning of authorities.

“The work of paving the road is in progress. Therefore, the road’s condition will become better. There were rock pits in the river bed. To prevent people from drowning, those were concretised. Also, the 60-year-old pipeline along the road will be repaired, and the new pipeline with prevent the discharge of sewage into the river water. Good things take time, and people should wait patiently.” – Manohar Yugati, social activist

“After every two kilometres, we witness dug up roads in the name of smart city. They don’t finish the work on time and have created problems for everyone. Even though they have provided a parking lot, the way to the parking lot is blocked. They need to provide an alternate route, and instead of focusing on both dug up roads, the focus should be on completing the work as soon as possible.” – Gaurav Desai, local resident

Ramsetu to remain intact

The historic Ramsetu Bridge on Godavari River is an old link to connect Panchavati and Nashik. Panchavati residents have issued a warning to smart city officials that they will not let the workers demolish the bridge in the name of smart work.

For the past many days, Nashik Municipal Smart City Development Corporation Limited officials have issued warnings regarding the Ramsetu Bridge, calling it old, dilapidated, and in need for demolishment. When Deshdoot interacted with Panchavati residents, they issued the warning to the officials. The bridge has helped small businessmen survive for years.

As stated by the residents, the bridge is old and is used only by the pedestrians. As no vehicles pass by, the bridge doesn’t pose any threat to life. As opined by them, the bridge only needs a few repairs and need not be demolished. The residents have even launched a campaign to save the bridge.

We will stand by Ramsetu: Mahankale

As stated by Sunil Mahankale, the bridge holds utmost importance as it’s the sole link connecting Panchavati and Nashik, and holds emotional value as well. With the help of this bridge, many families have earned and lived a satisfactory life. He added that everyone is against the demolishment of the bridge and if anyone tries to demolish this bridge, they will have to bear severe consequences. To conclude, he stated that Ramsetu was build during the British era and has survived several floods. Many people will lose their livelihood is the bridge demolishes and the residents will lose out on connectivity as well. The bridge needs renovation and repair, not demolition.

Nilkantheshwar Temple’s steps

While trying to descend a JCB into the Godavari River, smart city officials demolished the ancient Nilkantheshwar Temple’s steps. The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) had instructed the district’s archaeology department to investigate and warn smart city officials about their wrongdoing. Also, officials were instructed to re-construct the steps with the same quality stones. They were also guided to seek permission before taking such adverse steps in future.

Automated mechanical gates at Holkar Bridge

Smart City Company is currently installing automated mechanical gates under Ahilya Bai Holkar Bridge across the Godavari River. The work is in progress between Ramwadi and Holkar Bridge under Project Goda. A cement concrete wall is being constructed in the river basin in this area. What is the measure of ground clearance in Gandhi Lake for the construction of mechanical gates? Did the company officials research how far the floodwaters reach after opening the gates? In front of the construction area, there are beautiful old wadas that add to the beauty of Nashik. If the water released in force reaches the wadas, it will damage them and disrupt the city’s beauty.

Changing room in bad shape

A spacious changing room has been set up for women devotees who come to bathe in Godavari River. Upon entering the place, a line of six or seven beggars was seen. On the right is the office of the Purohit Sangh. Upstairs, according to the registration of the relatives of the deceased, the ritual of their worship begins. The gate of the women’s changing room was completely open. No women were seen here.

A female devotee said that there should be a security guard here to prevent any kind of incident. Godavari’s river bed can be seen from the office of Purohit Sangh. Here, men and women were bathing and changing clothes wherever they could find a place. So what is the purpose of this changing room? This question remains unanswered.

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