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Resume bus service in rural areas, demand commuters

DEOLALI CAMP: The senior citizens and Gram Vikas Manch have threatened public agitation if the MSRTC did not resume bus service in rural areas of the district. “The MSRTC does not resume bus services in rural areas citing pandemic reasons, so the poor people and the daily commuters have to suffer a lot in terms of financial losses and mental stress,” stated the forum of citizens.

The ST has released buses in many parts of the city, but it ignored rural areas. The buses are being run even when they are empty, but the service in rural areas has been closed, making it difficult for students, senior citizens and the general public to reach the city, the Manch said.

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It further alleged, “They do not look at the situation on the ground. If they collect information about the buses and passengers going from Nashik to other districts, they will find that the service in unwanted areas is a sheer loss. Providing one bus per hour for the benefit of the public and ST can be beneficial, as well as there is a need to remove the inconvenience of the senior citizens, student class by restarting the old bus service, it stated.

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