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Smart road to be inaugurated on Republic Day


Nashik Municipal Smart City Development Company Limited (NMSCDCL) has decided to throw the smart road project open to the public on Republic Day. The smart road has been developed under Nashik Smart City Project. From Trimbak Naka to Ashok Stambh, the stretch of around 1.5 km has been developed as smart road by NMSCDCL.

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The work of the smart road project is in its last stage. The road construction has almost completed by NMSCDCL. The traffic junction work at Ashok Stambh is the only major part remaining. Nashik Municipal Commissioner Radhakrishna Game has announced that the inauguration of the smart road will be conducted on Republic Day.
The smart road will be a new year’s gift for the public this year.

It will have numerous features after its completion. The road will be equipped with 27 cameras including PTZ cameras, Automated Number Plate Recognizing (ANPR) Cameras, Fix Box cameras, Public Address System and many other features.

ITMS system
The smart road will be driven by the Integrated Traffic Management System (ITMS). The system is said to minimize the timing of signals and will reduce traffic jam. Database of number plates will be made through the ANPR cameras. The red light violation will be detected immediately. The fix box camera will keep eye on 100-meter area.

Smart street lights
The smart road has also smart street lights. In the middle, the white LED lights are used for the vehicles. For footpath, specially designed LED lamps are used, they are in yellow colour. The street lights will be controlled from the command centre of NMSCDCL. The lights will get on and off automatically sensing the natural light.  

NMSCDCL has set up benches on the footpath of the smart road for Nashikites. There are several benches of stone set up to take rest for pedestrians.

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