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Social Media obsession among youth

Nuaish Peerzada

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In other words, social media addiction is the compulsive and excessive use of social media platforms that negatively impacts one’s mental health, relationships, and productivity. The widespread availability of smartphones, internet, and digital connectivity has caused it to boom over the past decade.

The rise of these apps can be attributed to platform design, exploitation of psychological triggers, such as infinite scrolling and notifications, and the perpetuation of a cycle of engagement. Further fueling the addiction are the need for validation, fear of missing out, and the satisfaction of likes and comments. Inability to access social media can cause withdrawal symptoms, constant checking, and neglect of real-life responsibilities.

This addiction has significant consequences.

The mental health cost is associated with an increase in anxiety, depression, and insecurities. It is easy to compare yourself negatively when you have carefully curated online personas.

Relationships may be strained by virtual interactions trumping real-world interactions.

A decrease in productivity is a consequence of addiction both academically and professionally.

Screen time and disrupted sleep patterns can lead to physical health problems like eye strain and sleep disorders.

Addressing the crisis requires:

Schools, families, and communities charge accession acquaintance about addictions dangers. Emphasis should be on amenable agenda behavioural and cerebral impacts.

Encouraging breach from amusing media can breach addiction cycles. Engaging in offline activities and amusing interactions promotes convalescent living.

Mindfulness practices like brainwork empower individuals to achieve ascendancy and abate awning time.

Lastly, amusing media connects us but should not ascendancy our lives. Amenable usage, breaks, and advancing added hobbies are crucial. Balancing online and offline activities maximizes amusing media allowances while advancement a advantageous life.

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