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Speed breakers @ 333 locations


The Nashik Municipal Corporation (NMC) is set to enhance road safety by installing speed breakers at 333 locations across the city. These speed breakers will be strategically placed at major intersections, schools, government offices, religious sites, and other crowded areas. In addition to speed breakers, the city aims to improve road safety through the implementation of measures such as zebra crossings, speed tables, thermoplastic paint stripes, and the installation of road signs and no-parking signs.
To identify the locations in need of speed breakers, a sub-committee consisting of a municipal deputy engineer, regional transport officer, and city traffic branch officials was formed under the road safety committee. Following a survey conducted last year, the sub-committee recommended the installation of speed breakers at 333 locations. A tender process was initiated, and a contractor has been appointed for the project. The plan is to have the speed breakers in place before the onset of the monsoon.
The construction department recently engaged in discussions with the contractor, instructing the installation of at least 50 speed breakers in six city divisions by the end of February. The overall goal is to complete the installation of speed breakers at all 333 locations by the end of April.
Over the past decade, extensive road development has taken place in Nashik, leading to an increase in vehicle speed. While traffic signals have been installed at various locations to control accidents, there has been ongoing debate regarding the installation of speed breakers. In October 2022, a tragic bus accident occurred at Mirchi Chowk on the Chhatrapati Sambhajinagar highway, resulting in the loss of 13 lives. Subsequently, the road traffic committee called for the installation of speed breakers to address safety concerns.

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