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Two-year-old boy tests positive in city; 540 patients win battle against Covid-19

A two-year-old boy in Nashik city has been tested positive on Saturday, taking tally of patients in the city to 46. This boy is a family member of a taxi driver from New Nashik who found positive earlier. On the other hand, three fresh cases including two males and one female have been reported from Malegaon, taking tally to 608 in Malegaon alone. With detection of fresh cases on Saturday, pandemic tally of Nashik district has surged to 782 now.
Meanwhile, District Collector Suraj Mandhare stated that out of the total 782 positive patients in Nashik district, 540 patients got cured of Covid-19. The fight against coronavirus is successful so far on the basis of citizens’ response, coordination among all agencies and planned treatment method, informed  on Saturday.
Citizens, police and health personnel in the district had been infected on large scale. The number of patients in Malegaon was also rising very fast. The tally has been surged to 782 in last one-and-half month. However, 540 patients have now been recovered. No single case has been reported so far in which patient suffered from corona symptoms again after discharge. This has showed that patients received proper treatment and they got cured of Covid-19, he added.
The patient recovery rate in the district is satisfactory. Doctors, health personnel and all other related agencies are working 24×7 for this. The recovery rate will be improved more in some next days, Mandhare stated.
Meanwhile, the graph of corona positive patients is lowered. Situation in Malegaon city is changing now. There is a remarkable decline in the number of positive reports and patient recovery rate is also at satisfactory level.
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