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Vehicle users say no to paver blocks


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The issue of potholes on the Nashik-Mumbai highway has been in discussion for a long period with sustainable solutions by many experts.

Last month, due to these pits, there were verbal clashes between the ruling party and the opposition in the legislative council. Guardian Minister Dada Bhuse had ordered to fill the potholes immediately.

However, in Sinnar Chauphuli, Bortembhe Phata, and Pimpri Phata in Igatpuri there is still resurfacing of the potholes. As a result, motorists travelling via the Mumbai-Nashik highway are once again facing the recurring issue of uneven road surfaces and potholes. Frustrated by the lack of improvement, motorists express their anger at the authorities responsible. The highway, a crucial link between Mumbai and Nashik, sees heavy daily usage. Daily Deshdoot had already highlighted the poor condition of the highway during the monsoon season.

In the present circumstances, paver blocks are being used today to fill the potholes on the highway. The paver blocks that were installed just two days ago are literally falling off the road and this can lead to a large number of accidents.

The presence of potholes on this highway not only causes inconvenience but also forces drivers to spend additional money on vehicle maintenance. Common issues faced by drivers include tire punctures, suspension damage, wheel alignment problems, and even damage to the vehicle’s oil tank.

Just two days ago, MNS president Raj Thackeray had criticised the case of installing paver blocks on the highway. And even after that, the process of installing paver blocks on the road is in full swing.

Recently, Chief Minister Eknath Shinde inspected the Kharegaon to Padgha, Khadvali Phata road on the Thane-Nashik highway to ascertain the causes of traffic jams and potholes on this highway stretch. After that, the Chief Minister himself inspected the highway. He had inspected all the spots where there are potholes or traffic congestion and instructed the concerned authorities to fill these potholes with mastic patching technique immediately. Mastic patching entails filling the pothole with a mastic material that expands and contracts in response to temperature changes. This method is very effective and can be used for larger potholes.

There are several reasons for the traffic jam on the Mumbai-Nashik road and authorities are trying to solve the issues as soon as possible although it is really a long process and for now the commuters have been fed up spending around 5 hours on the road. For the traffic police officials who are deployed on the stretch and commuters, passing through this highway has become a stressful journey.

The issue of persistent heavy traffic jams on Mumbai-Nashik Highway had rocked the monsoon session of the Maharashtra Legislative Assembly for the second consecutive day. Several members of the legislative assembly had sought answers from Speaker Rahul Narvekar as to why the repair work of potholes did not start on the highway where commuters are stuck for more than five hours due to traffic snarls.

The assembly had witnessed a heated debate about the worsening situation on the Mumbai-Nashik Highway after which MLAs were told by the Speaker that pothole repair work will start soon.

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