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Weather changes leading to double sowing, farmers in debt

NASHIK: Due to the frequent weather changes in the past four to five days, the ill effect on the Kharif crops has begun, and farmers are in a dilemma as they see a financial crunch looming over their heads.Many farmers have initiated double sowing as the possibility of crop failure is high. The expenses incurred by the farmers on these fields are about to get wasted.

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For the past many years, farmers initiate preparations for the Kharif season from May-end. However, the rains got delayed this year. In July, the incessant rains lashed the district for almost 15 to 20 days and damaged the crops. As a result, the farmers replanted the sown and cultivated fruits and vegetables. Now, due to the changing weather, they have kick-started double sowing.

As the district witnessed rains, dew, and scorching heat in the last five days, as stated by the farmers, the seasonal crops such as tomato, green chilli, capsicum and bitter gourd have got pest-infested.

Also, as farmers use mulching paper for healthier plant growth, the hot sun increased the paper’s temperature, thus burning the germinated seeds. Producers are suffering as they purchase expensive seeds from shops and plants from nurseries for cultivation. However, the financial burden is increasing on them with the regular damage to plants. Already the production costs of these crops are high. With the damage done to the crops, the farmers will suffer severely.

Due to heavy rains, crops such as soybean, maize and other crops had to be sown twice as the young shoots were waterlogged and rotted. Even though the farmers planned their season as per the weather reports, they still have to suffer the backlash. The government needs to introduce various concessions for the ones working in the agricultural field as it will help them financially and reduce the number of suicides.

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