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Women need to be enlightened about law: Adv Rawalekar

NASHIK: “The law is for everyone and there is no discrimination. The constitution also gives equal rights to men and women. Women need adequate knowledge of law and the law can be useful in solving the problems of daily life. Therefore, no matter if a woman is working in any field or a housewife, it is necessary to know the law,” said Adv Sangeeta Rawalekar.

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Vidya Prabodhini Prashala of CHME, Bhosla had organized a legal awareness program for parents on the occasion of Navratri in English medium. At this time Adv. Sangeeta Rawalekar was guiding on law for women topic. “Since the law is a protector of women, it cannot be used after the injustice has been done. If housewives also understand the law, they can rely on the law to solve the problems of daily life,” informed Adv Sangeeta Rawalkar.

Vidya Prabodhini Prashala School organised an online lectures for parents program. School teachers also attended the lecture. The program was guided by Principal Jayasudha Naidu. The program was planned by teacher Pranjali Aphale.

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