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Amnesty scheme by NMC for property tax

NASHIK: Nashik residents are taking advantage of the Abhay Yojana or Amnesty Scheme launched by Nashik Municipal Corporation on August 16 for property tax recovery. So far 15,973 property tax payers have cleared arrears of Rs 6.20 crores. The fine will be reduced by 90 per cent till September 16, if the tax is fully paid by the defaulters. In Satpur division of NMC, arrears of Rs. 42.75 lakh have been recovered.

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A total of Rs 3,87,38,000 has been recovered in the current recovery. A total of 53.25 per cent citizens have availed benefit from the 90 percent discount scheme from Satpur division 8.82 percent, Nashik West 3.89.percent, East 12.28 percent, Panchavati 12.94 percent, New Nashik 7.84 percent and Nashik Road 7.48 percent In order to get response to solar power devices in Nashik city, the Municipal Corporation announced a discount in the house rent bill for the citizens who will install solar on the roof of the society’s bungalow.

However, only 70 citizens of the city have installed solar energy systems and got benefited from this scheme. A total of 70 citizens have benefited from Solar, 5 from Satpur division, 4 from Nashik West division, 8 from Nashik East division, 18 from Panchavati, 22 from New Nashik and 13 from Nashik Road.

The Nashik Municipal Corporation has recorded total of Rs 6,20,93,000 as arrears of property tax. The Corporation has appealed citizens to take benefits from the amnesty scheme and pay their pending property tax and avoid further action. The scheme will be available till September 16.

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