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CNG price reaches close to petrol, diesel

NASHIK: The price gap between CNG and petrol, diesel has narrowed in Nashik.Inflation has broken the back of the common man. On the one hand CNG (compressed natural gas) is said to be comparatively cheaper as a fuel and environment-friendly, but CNG fuel has seen a significant hike in the last few days.

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Amid fluctuations in crude oil price in the international market, the month of August started with reduction in the price of commercial LPG cylinder, however, price of compressed natural gas (CNG) was hiked.

In Nashik city, the price of CNG has been hiked by Rs 4 per kg. So CNG which was at Rs 91 has now reached Rs 95/kg. Therefore, there is a difference of only Rs 10 to Rs 15 between the price rate of petrol, diesel and CNG. CNG was priced at Rs 91.90 per kg in Nashik. Now CNG fuel has reached Rs 95.90 due to an increase of Rs 4.

Citizens are feeling disappointed as the price of CNG is reaching around petrol and diesel price. As the new CNG rates have been implemented from midnight, the citizens have received a big blow.

CNG rates in Nashik have increased by Rs 35-36 per kg in the last three months and in the first week of April, CNG rates in Nashik were Rs 71 per kg. Now as the same price has reached close to Rs 96, Nashikites are expressing their anger.

Earlier CNG rate was Rs 91.90. However, once again the price hike has hit the pockets of common man. On the one hand, while the price of fuel is increasing exponentially, the gas rate hike has also become expensive and the monthly budget of the households has collapsed.

A few days ago, the prices of LPG gas used for domestic use were hiked. The price of 14.2 kg LPG cylinder has recently increased by Rs 50 and has reached the highest ever price.

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