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Dams aided Nashik’s development: Dr. Kamod

NASHIK: The true development of Nashik was started after the building of dams in the district. With the Gangapur Dam, the Nashik city has achieved the state which it is now. The development started with religious tourism on the river, and the industrial development started due to the dam on the river, explained Dr. Kailas Kamod.

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He was speaking at the Godavari Festival. The District Collector Nashik, State Archaeological Department office of Assistant Director of Archaeology, and Nashik History Research Board have jointly organized a Godavari festival from December 15 to 21 at Darbar Hall, Sarkarwada, Nashik Saraf Bazar. The festival’s second lecture was delivered by renowned writer Dr. Kailas Kamod. He spoke on the subject of ‘Nashik on Godaghat’.

“The Nashik is predominantly an agriculture city. In the late 18th century, there was a bazaar of bulls every Wednesday. With this bazaar, the flow of currency started in Nashik. After selling their cattle, farmers used to buy utensils, and it gave birth to Bhandi Bazaar. For jewellery and gold, we have Saraf Bazaar and for agricultural tools, the Bohart Bhatti developed. It was like an open sky mall, which is still here and as it is” shared Dr. Kamod.

He further expressed, “The Godavari is an integral part of life for Nashikites. To celebrate, the Nashikites will go to Godaghat. For last rights, we will be there. For daily life, from taking bath to having a walk, the Nashikites will be seen at Godaghat. Even, till 1980 the Godaghat was the only place to get ice cream.”

Though Nashikites and the whole country call the Godavari as a mother worship her as a goddess, even think her the same way but they do not treat her the way the river should be. The condition of the river has gone pathetic, and people are the reason for the same, said Dr. Kamod at the occasion.

The event was presided by Vijay Nipankar. It was hosted by Ajay Kapadnis and Mahesh Shirsat. The vote of thanks was performed by Dattatray Kothwade in his own unique way.

Warkari of Godaghat

The vote of thanks was proposed by the artist Dattatray Kothwade. On Friday, he came dressed as a Warkari and thanked Dr. Kailas Kamod for his lecture. He said that the river Godavari is watching over Dr. Kamod and listening to his speeches and reading his books.

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