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Gangapur dam’s water level rises to 79%

NASHIK: Following heavy rainfall in the catchment and upstream dams areas, the water storage in the Gangapur dam has now risen to 79% of its capacity. While in the district dams, the water level has also risen to 55% (36122 mcft) of its total storage capacity of 65664 mcft. The Gangapur dam is a part of the four-dam complex — comprising Gangapur, Gautami-Godavari, Kashyapi, and Alandi reservoirs — that provides drinking water to the Nashik city.

This is good news as the water stock in the dam complex had dropped to an alarming 33% of capacity month-and-a-half into the monsoon, sparking concerns. On Tuesday, the collective storage in the Dam Complex was 7385 mcft, 73% of the overall capacity of 10166 mcft. There has been a big leap in the storage level of Gangapur. It has now exceeded the storage level during the corresponding period last year. It was 56% as against yesterday’s 79%, and in the complex, it was 41% as against yesterday’s 73%.

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A whopping rise of 32 per cent! Eventough this ststistics indicates that the Nashik currently has good water storage, the threat of water shortage in near future can not be ruled out if rains take a break. The Nashik Municipal Corporation, which had enforced weekly water cut on Wednesdays in the city had to withdraw its decision following good rainfall in the dam areas. In the meantime, water discharge was continued from Bhavli, Valdevi, Nandur Madhyameshwar weir, Chanakapur and Haranbari reservoirs at the reduced rate of 26, 65, 101, 111 and 56 cusecs respectively

Dams @ 100%

Bhavli, Valdevi, NM weir, Haranbari

Discharge (Cusecs)

  • Bhavli -26

  • Valdevi -65

  • NM weir -101

  • Chanakapur-111

  • Haranbari-56

Comparative (%)

Dam 2020-2021

  • Gangapur 56-79

  • Kashyapi 27-54

  • Gautami Goda 28-65

  • Alandi 03-89

  • Total 41-73

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