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Increase honorarium of education workers, urge teachers

NASHIK: Education workers in primary, secondary, higher secondary and junior colleges and teachers’ colleges in the state are working on minimum salaries. This has led to difficult time for their families. Against this backdrop, Swabhimani Shikshak-Shikshetkar Sanghatana has asked the Chief Minister to increase the honorarium of education workers.

Since 2003, the State Government has implemented the revised Primary Education Servant Scheme. Accordingly, the honorarium was Rs 3,000 for primary education workers, Rs 4,000 for secondary education workers and Rs 5,000 for higher secondary education workers. It was decided to increase this honorarium after 11 years.

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The statement said that the honorarium for primary has been increased by Rs 2,000 and the honorarium for secondary and higher secondary has been increased by Rs 4,000 each. The 7th Pay Commission has been implemented by the state government for government and other eligible employees.

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