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RCB initiative to improve rural livelihoods


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The Rotary Club of Bombay (RCB) along with its partner Chirag Foundation will inaugurate its interventions today (March 26) in Kambhare, Kuyulu and Savarkhand villages in Wada taluka of Palghar district. Under this, tribals in these villages will get electricity and pure drinking water.

Vineet Bhatnagar, president, RCB said, “This ongoing programme is something very close to our hearts. In just over three years we, along with our partners Chirag Foundation have positively impacted the lives of 10186 people in 36 villages near Mumbai. We have provided 263 KW of solar power for change, lit up 23 village schools with green energy, and provided 30,558 litres per day of pure drinking water.

Mihir Mody, chairperson of the RCB Integrated Village Development project said, “We are grateful to our past presidents and our donors. They have consistently supported this wonderful project and personally, it has been very gratifying for me to see such comprehensive change come to the lives of our rural folk. This project has helped in health, Hygiene, sanitation, irrigation (in some villages), and security, besides education. And all in a very sustainable manner.”

Pratibha Pai, founder, Chirag Foundation stated, “We have had a very fruitful relationship with the Rotary Club of Bombay and it’s donors. These three villages of Khambare Kuyulu and Savarkhand are a small example of this ongoing project. Here the intervention has taken the shape of provision of safe drinking water, solar back up lamps for all families, green energy to an anganwadi and many strategically placed solar powered street lights.”

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