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Six rotations from Gangapur dam this year

NASHIK: It was decided in the meeting of the Canal Advisory Committee that for irrigation and non-irrigation from Nashik left canal of the Gangapur project, three such rotations/cycles of water release will be given each year for Rabi and summer seasons. The district dams have 88% water stock at present, including 75% in the Gangapur dam.

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A meeting of the Canal Advisory Committee was held under the chairmanship of Guardian Minister Chhagan Bhujbal for the reservation of irrigation water in the district. It reserved water for large irrigation projects in the district.

This includes six rotations from Gangapur, one for irrigation and one for non-irrigation from the right canal of the Kadwa project, two rotations for Rabi Season from upper Godavari project Palakhed left bank canal, and for non-irrigation, two cycles will be given in summer season. It has been planned to release three rotations of water each during Rabi and summer season for irrigation and non-irrigation from Palakhed right bank canal.

For the Ojharkhed project in upper Godavari, it has been planned to discharge two cycles of water for irrigation from Ojharkhed and Tisgaon canals during Rabi season and one cycle for non-irrigation in the summer season. Guardian Minister Chhagan Bhujbal also said that it has been planned to provide one cycle for irrigation and non-irrigation season and one cycle for a limited area in summer season from the Chanakapur project canal. Local citizens should have 20 to 25 per cent water reserve when planning irrigation water for long years in large projects.

If the Beneficiary Area Development Authority submits a proposal to the government for this, the issue of water reservation for local citizens will be solved. Everyone can be given equal justice. In addition, considering the rabi season, the areas that need water the most, priority should be given to irrigating agriculture in that area.

Such clear instructions were also given by the Guardian Minister. Proper planning was done to release water from the left canal of the Girna Dam project in the district. A total of seven villages near the dam will benefit from this water. On the occasion, Agriculture Minister Dada Bhuse instructed to properly plan the water required for MIDC.

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