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Take action against companies polluting Godavari

NASHIK: Along with uploading information of High Court decision regarding Godavari conservation, work of Godavari Pollution Control Committee and sub-committees on the Website of Nashik Municipal Corporation, complaint room should also be formed for the citizens. Also, the Pollution Control Board should take action against the companies discharging polluted water from the industrial estates, said Divisional Commissioner Radhakrishna Game.

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The quarterly meeting of the Godavari Pollution Control Committee, set up by the order of the High Court, was held in the Committee Room of the Divisional Commissioner’s Office.

Game said that the Godavari Conservation Room, which was created on the website of the corporation, should also provide space for citizens’ complaints in this column. There should also be a facility to upload photos in the complaint. Municipal Corporation should appoint Deputy Commissioners to control all these activities. If we work in such a manner, the work of the committee will be speeded up, said Game.

Whether the treated wastewater can be reused for agriculture and industry, it should be studied and reported by the concerned authorities. In the area from Ramwadi to Ahilyabai Holkar Pool, a large number of hyacinths have grown in river Godavari. It should be removed and taken to the waste depot for composting instead of being placed on the river bank. He also instructed the officials of the corporation to study the destruction of water hyacinths by spraying.

Punishment should be meted out to those who violate the rules by prohibiting washing of clothes, vehicles and animals in Godavari. Also, measures should be taken to ensure that Dashakriya and other puja materials are not thrown in the river. Also, the devotees should put Nirmalya in the Nirmalya kalash instead of throwing it in river water. Also, Nirmalya Kalash should be emptied daily by the Municipal Corporation, such instructions have been given by the Divisional Commissioner Game.

Arrangement of e-toilet on banks

Ramkunda and Goda that area attracts a large number of tourists and devotees from all over the country. The cleanliness of Godapatra area should be maintained. Also, for the convenience of devotees, e-toilets should be set up on the banks of Godavari instead of regular toilets, said Game. Also, space should be made available for Godavari Conservation Room at Ramkund.

Awareness for Godavari conservation

Implementing public awareness programs with the help of school and college students to prevent pollution in Godavari river basin. Awareness about Godavari conservation should be spread through various competitions, billboards and other means, suggested Divisional Commissioner Game.

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