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The Younger generations are losing interest in Books?

Devendra Lilke

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In modern times, digitalisation is prevalent and people are more captivated by it. In such times, the habits of reading books is shrinking amongst the youngsters.

Nowadays, children, youth and even adults are seen spending hours on their mobiles. People think reading books is time-consuming and they prefer the digital content. Some youngsters don’t have time to read books, so they prefer other alternatives such as online content, videos, podcasts, etc.

The readership of books is seen diminishing especially amongst the youth. The younger generation’s perspective about reading a book has now become a tedious and uninteresting task. Most people and adults find social media to be more appealing and fascinating than books.

The youth prefer the internet and other social media platforms to gain any information or read something productive. 

There are several factors which have contributed to the lack of interest in reading books amongst the younger generation. With the emergence of the audiovisual era, it offers creative and engaging content for the people.

There are many ebooks and audios of books are digitally available. People prefer digital books as they can read them anytime and anywhere. Even leisure time people indolent to read books. 

Many youngsters think reading books is time consuming and an outdated practice. Books are the source of knowledge, the world of imagination and creativity and the souls of human life.

Many studies also confirm that people should read physical books rather than with eBooks. Today’s generation is falling short in understanding the significance of books.

They don’t know how the books genuinely teach us about life values that no one can teach us. Younger should also adopt the reading habits in their everyday routine.

Reading also makes one’s life better by enlightening a person with its content. Books are helpful to transform our thoughts, beliefs and we ourselves are refined versions.

Quotes – 

Mansi Chavan, a student, said, “Young generations are losing Interest in books basically because they don’t have the habit to read longer texts. The world of social media, SMS, emojis have imbibed a habit of reading short texts. Hence, they get tired and are not willing to read books.”

Kashish Santuramani, a student, said, “It’s true that with the rise of technology and digital media, some young people may not be as interested in books. However, there are still many ways to engage with reading and literature and to increase productivity these youngsters should start reading. As it is never too late to start anything.”

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