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Violence against women toxic side-effect of misogyny: Report


Amid the Hathras horror,-case of Dalit Nirbhaya-a report suggests that abuse against the fairer sex starts from their unpaid domestic work.

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The report of the National Statistical Office (NSO) has observed that “All these begin when women’s work and time get no respect which is the “Home Disadvantage.”

“If women do a lot more unpaid work than men but society does not value their unpaid work, this structural inequality perpetuates an asymmetric power relationship, both materially and in the mind,” the report suggested.
It also said,” Violence against women is just one of the several toxic side-effects of the resulting misogyny.

Abusing ‘the second sex’ can become a socially sanctioned continuum from insults to rape, in this mindset.”

The NSO report is also “very telling” as it shows that in India the average woman spends 19.5 percent of her time in unpaid domestic work or caregiving as compared to an average man’s 2.5 percent.

The report is based on data collected in 2019 and does not factor in the seismic changes wrought by the pandemic.

Meanwhile, thinkers, intellectuals and people from all walks of life have demanded that the Hathras district administration and the police must answer for the ‘manner’ in which they have failed the 19-year-old Dalit victim and her family in life and death.

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